Domestic Construction

Domestic Screw Piling
» Underpinning new or existing structures
» Replacing blinding concrete
» Replacing bored piers
» Protection of tree roots
» Replacing concrete pads and stumps for timber floors
» Perfect solution for uneven soil conditions

Commercial Construction

Commercial Screw Piling
» Unlimited length piles
» Replacing blinding concrete
» Replacing bored piers and CFA piles
» Heavy load capacities
» Faster construction times
» Angle of repose for easements and sewers

Civil & Mining Application

Civil Screw Piling
» Foundations for bridges and walkways
» Foundations for retaining walls
» Foundations for poles & transmission towers
» Foundations for mining structures
» Foundations for pipelines
» Foundations for conveyor belts
Screw Piles are unique in that they have so many uses, whether it be round the home, on a construction site or while building a commerical property. If you have any foundation or anchoring concerns, speak to Glen today. He's sure to have the perfect solution for you, at the right price.