What is a screwpile?

Screwpiles are a steel screw-in piling and ground anchoring system used for building foundations. Also refered to as screw piers, they are made of various diameters of pipe material with one or more steel helixes welded onto the bottom of the pipe shaft. They are used extensively across Australia in new domestic and commercial buildings and structures, as well as underpinning existing buildings.


How are screwpiles installed?

Screwpiles are installed using smaller excavator-based equipment rather than large piling rigs.
A hydraulic drive motor is attached to the equipment (bobcat, skid-steer, boom truck, excavator etc) and is connected to the pile with drive pins. This drive motor rotates the pile and the downward pitch of the helical plate pulls the pile into the ground, ensuring excellent structural foundations for many buildings.


Why use screwpiles?

Screwpiles are becoming an increasingly popular foundation system for various applications because of their many advantages. Some of the advantages of screw piles are:

• Cost effective and practical alternative to traditional piles
• Rapid installation with minimal preparation work
• No concrete curing time
• No hammer noise or vibration (as with driven piles)
• Removable and reusable (great for modular structures)
• Screw anchors can be installed at any angle
• Load can be applied immediately
• Designed and engineered to suit application
• Any weather installation


What sizes do screwpiles come in?

Screwpiles come in a wide variety of sizes, for a wide variety of applications. We install piles with up to 4 helixes and lengths up to and above 40'.




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